Cool Webbed sites


ezGIF lets you create a GIF from video, edit pictures, video, and GIFs,
and much more... for freeeeee!


CardboardBox is a mod of JummBox, which is a mod of BeepBox.
CardboardBox is something I would recommend to anyone even vaguely interested in creating music.
CardboardBox saves all the data of your song in the URL, so your work is very easy to share with others.
Just remember to save your link somewhere safe!
cardboardbox, jummbox, and beepbox all have their pros, cons, and quirks. cardboardbox is just my personal favorite.
it's where i got my username from!


Tunebat provides the BPM and key of almost any song, along with other stuff like popularity, danceability, etc. helpful if youre making
covers in cardboardbox ;)


Backloggd is like Letterboxd but for video games.
You can keep track of all the games you have played, review them, and create a wishlist,
as well as a backlog, a list of the games you own but have yet to play. follow my account, perhaps?...

Priyom.org -- Numbers stations schedule

This page displays a list of frequencies where numbers stations will be playing, as well as a
schedule for the approximate times they will be playing (note that the time is UTC... I did not know when I first started using the site. :/).
You can search for the frequencies on............. ->

WebSDR & KiwiSDR

These are two online shortwave radios which you can use to hear the
numbers stations listed on Priyom.org. WedSDR is the one you will be redirected to from Priyom.org, and I personally prefer it over KiwiSDR just because I find it easier to operate... but I recommend giving both a try to see what works for you.

Vimm's Lair

a massive library of games from now defunct gaming consoles! in my experience and other's, vimm's lair is VERY safe compared to other similar sites. if i remember right, they check most of their uploads for viruses, but not all. so, as is the #1 rule of the internet, be careful what you download!